Episode 9: Being a Business Broker; An interview with Greg Gill.

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If you’ve ever considered becoming a professional business broker and advisor – or if you’re considering selling your business – you should listen to my conversation with Greg Gill, a broker in the Worldwide Business Brokers network since 2010. Greg has become a friend of mine since he started. We’ve done a few deals together over the years and we’ve had a couple of laughs along the way.

In this interview we discuss some of the issues a business broker faces with some business owners (if you’re considering selling your business, listen up!) as well as some of the solutions and work-arounds that Greg has come up with. If you’d like to become a broker, don’t miss this conversation with Greg.

Show Notes:

• For more information on Greg, including how to contact him, click here to visit his web site.

• The “Silver Tsunami

• Check out all of our blog posts.


• How higher interest rates will impact business.

• Read a summary of the Dodd-Frank legislation.

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