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Episode 10: Taking Cash Out of Your Business Reduces Its Value

Selling your business is likely to be one of the most significant financial events of your life.

If you think that a real estate agent brings some value to the process of selling a home, imagine how much value a professional business broker can bring to selling your business. Do you even know what your business is worth? Do you know how to find the right buyers? Do you know how to help them find the financing? Selling a business is much more than just putting an ad somewhere.

Buying a business is likely to be one of the most significant financial events of your life.

How can you discover all the opportunities out there? How do you narrow those opportunities down to a couple of legitimate options? How do you finance the purchase? How do you know you’re not overpaying?

There are a lot of moving parts to a business acquisition. Having a professional working for you will significantly increase your odds of getting the right business at the right price.

Starting a business is likely to be one of the scariest moments of your life.

How do you market it? How do you finance it? How do develop a plan that will allow you to sleep at night?

Having an experienced entrepreneur available to guide you through this process – as a coach, advisor, sounding board or simply someone you can vent to – is invaluable. Starting a business requires wearing many hats. We’ve worn them all.

Business Brokering can be one of the most interesting and lucrative careers open to nearly everyone. Every day, you’ll work with business owners – professionals. Every day you’ll be doing new and engaging work. Every deal has the potential for a very handsome payday.

With the coming retirement of millions of business-owning Baby Boomers, Professional Business Brokers are in high demand. But to make the big bucks, you’ve got to know what you’re doing. Sound interesting?

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“The financial analysis that Worldwide Business Brokers provides on the businesses they represent is not only the most comprehensive I have ever seen prepared by a business broker but the analysis also gives the prospective buyer a jump start on preparing loan applications for acquiring the business and financial plans for running the business.”
James Wilson, Principal, Wilson Law Group

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