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“Thanks for your professionalism during the negotiations and the final closing of the purchase.”

– Tony F. Bought an upscale/resort restaurant/bar in 2016.

Share This:  <> Selling a Business: Know Where the Value Is If you’re considering bringing a business to market – as a seller or as a business broker – do you know what you’re selling? Is the value of the business in the cash flow it generates or in its
Share This:  <> A Hell of a Way to Sell a Business Since starting Worldwide Business Brokers back in 2001, we’ve seen some crazy stuff but never have we seen anyone try to sell a business the way I recount in this story. From “creative” accounting and inventory “deflation” to
Share This:  <> Due Diligence: Clean the Joint Up Last week’s post about the importance of the seller doing a buyer’s due diligence before even bringing the business to market got quite a surprising number of questions and comments. What was also surprising was the aspect of the due diligence
Share This:  <> Due Diligence: For the Seller Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while has some idea what due diligence is. In our context, it’s generally considered to be efforts made by the buyer of a business to thoroughly research the target business to; 1)  confirm
Share This:  <> Selling a Business: 7 Considerations Selling a business takes planning, patience, time and talent. If you’re thinking about selling yours, print this post out and keep it on your desk or tape it to your mirror so you see it everyday. Most people think that selling a
Share This:  <> How Important are Business Brokers? How important are business brokers? If you’re still wondering, this post ought to dispel any lingering questions. This is a true story that I am personally familiar with. It involves a business owner that hired a residential real estate agent to sell
Share This:  <> Business Brokers, Prepare Your Sellers! Business brokers are the guideposts and guardrails of any business transfer. Well, at least the good ones are. Professional business brokers know the road and its curves. We’ve been here before. We’ve been down this road and have an idea what’s behind
Next Generation
Share This:  <> Buyers Need Brokers, Too! When people think of business brokers, they generally associate them with business owners that want to sell. But buyers need brokers, too. Don’t believe me? You will after you read this. This is a true story of the epic collapse of a deal
Share This:  <> What Impacts a Business’ Value? When selling a business, what impacts its value? Well, the amount of money the business throws off into the owners’ pockets is probably the first answer that comes to mind for most people but there are other aspects of a business that
Business Valuation
Share This:  <> Valuing a Business: The “Add-Backs” Valuing a business is fraught with terms that can be confusing for those untrained in the process. Discretionary earnings, working capital, goodwill, excess inventory, FF&E, etc. are among them. But as we teach in our course, The Basic “How-To” of Becoming a
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