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“Thanks for your professionalism during the negotiations and the final closing of the purchase.”

– Tony F. Bought an upscale/resort restaurant/bar.

Share This:<> Selling PART of a Business Selling part of a business is not something we see often but it is not uncommon – both in early stage businesses and more mature enterprises. When a business has multiple founders, it is not unusual to for one partner to come to
Share This:<> Selling a Franchise Business: The Challenges Selling a business is challenging enough. Selling a franchise business has its own challenges – and if you want to include selling franchised businesses in your business brokers practice, you need to know what some of those distinct challenges are. Selling a
Share This:<> Selling a Business: The Emotional Aspects Selling a business is an intensely personal and emotional event. I’ve written previously about preparing for the sale of a business but those posts focused primarily on preparing the business. The owners also need to prepare themselves for what will probably be
Share This:<> Transaction Costs: The Commission Last week’s post focused on some of the costs a seller will incur as a result of a successful transaction and the need for the seller’s broker to be able to outline these costs to their client. But one of those costs that was
Share This:  <> Business Brokers: Transaction Costs Business brokers , do you advise your clients on transaction costs? Do you even know what those costs are likely to be? As you recall from a recent post, seller preparation includes determining what they will need to fund their retirement  -or whatever
Share This:  <> Business Brokers: Discount for Lack of Marketability Business brokers – and business owners: Would a discount for lack of marketability by appropriate for a business you’re considering bringing to market? If you’re a business broker – or intend to become one – you’re going to encounter businesses
Next Generation
Share This:  <> Selling a Business: What You Need to Know When selling a business, there are several monetary aspects of the transaction and its aftermath that the seller needs to consider before bringing the business to market. In fact, a seller needs to know – or at least have
The Final Handshake
Share This:  <> Buying a Business: Stock vs Asset Purchase If you’re considering buying a business – or if you’re a business broker working with a client buying a business – it’s important to know the  difference between an asset purchase and a stock purchase. The distinction is very important.

November 23, 2019

M&A: How Buyers Think

Share This:  <> M&A: How Buyers Think If you’re a business broker – or a business owner considering selling – wouldn’t you like to know how buyers think? I know that that would have been a pretty good bit of knowledge to have when I got started! Of course, how
Value Driving Results

November 18, 2019

Valuing Businesses

Share This:  <> Valuing Businesses Valuing businesses is always a hot topic for us, whether we’re working with business owners, business brokers or students of our course, The Basic “How To” of Becoming a Business Broker™. Valuing businesses is, after all, the essence of being able to sell them. Without
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