“Thanks for your professionalism during the negotiations and the final closing of the purchase.”

– Tony F. Bought an upscale/resort restaurant/bar.

Share This:<>> Valuing a Business on its “Potential” Valuing a business based on its “potential” is an issue that comes up all the time when we’re working with owners of businesses in both the Main Street and lower Middle Markets. In most instances, we have to educate the owner that
Share This:<>> Selling a Business: What to Expect From a Broker Selling a business is – unlike selling a house – more than likely a once in a lifetime experience. And in the case of most businesses, it is likely to be the most significant financial event of the seller’s
Share This:<>> Business Brokers: The Value of Networking Business brokers… what’s the value of networking? It’s pretty hard to overstate what networking is worth to us. Our Course, Learn How to Value and Successfully Sell Businesses, has an entire lecture devoted to networking for business brokers. And networking through the
Share This:<>> Selling a Business: More Confusion! Selling a business requires knowledge. You need to know how to value the business, how to market the business, how to keep the fact that the business is for sale confidential, where the financing might come from and countless other things that come
The Final Handshake
Share This:<>> Selling a Business: Ways to Prepare Selling a business ain’t for sissies. And if you don’t know how to prepare for the process, if success comes at all, it could be a painful journey Every business that doesn’t fail will eventually be sold – every one. If you’re
Share This:<>> Business Brokers: How We Get Paid Pt. 2 Last week’s post – about how business brokers get paid – covered a fair amount of ground. But because there are probably an infinite number of ways to structure deals, there are probably just as many ways to structure how
Share This:<>> Business Brokers: How We Get Paid Last week’s post – about acing the interview with our potential client, the business owner – left one big question unanswered. Recall that that post was about what a potential client could be expected to ask when interviewing a business broker in
Buying a Business
Share This:<>> Business Brokers: Acing the Interview and Getting the Listing Finding the right advisors when selling a business can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. First off, most business owners will already have a relationship with a couple; an attorney and accountant for example. That’s a
Share This:<>> Buying a Business: Ask the Right Questions. When buying a business, one would be wise to recall the underlying theme of the 2004 movie “iRobot”, staring Wil Smith and the extremely cool Audi RSQ. That underlying theme was the need to ask the right question. If you saw
Share This:> Selling a Business: How the BUYER Sees it. If you’re selling a business, it would be a good idea to look at the business as a buyer will. This is particularly true when doing the valuation for the business. A few weeks ago my post was about risk