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“Thanks for your professionalism during the negotiations and the final closing of the purchase.”

– Tony F. Bought an upscale/resort restaurant/bar in 2016.

Share This:  <> Business Owners: Selling to the Enemy As a business broker, many times you’ll realize that the ideal buyer of one of your clients is, in fact, your client’s competitor. In such an instance, your client will realize that doing the deal will be tantamount to selling to
Finance a Business
Share This:  <> Business Brokers: Getting the Deal Financed If you plan to work as a professional business broker, getting the deal financed will be a key issue in almost every transaction that you work on. Lining up financing for the purchase of a small or mid-size business can be
Share This:  <> Business Brokers: Sellers Retaining Assets Sellers retaining assets is not unheard of in our business, especially when we get into the lower Middle Market and above or when we’re working with a very specialized business. When we assist with the sale of a business, it is generally
Share This:  <> Business Brokers: Finding Buyers One of the questions we get most often from folks who are interested in enrolling in our business brokering course – especially real estate agents – relates to finding buyers. How do we do it? Well, there are dozens of ways to find
The Future
Share This:  <> Selling a Business: What’s the Future Hold? Over the past couple of years, I’ve written often about how frothy the market for business sales – and the demand for good business brokers – has been. But if you’re selling a business, what’s the future hold? From the
Share This:  <> Baby Boomers are Heading for the Exits That’s right, boys and girls. Baby Boomers around the world are heading for the exits. Last week’s post described the current state of the market in the business brokering industry and the projected trend for the profession over the next
Share This:  <> Business Brokers and Sellers Ask: What’s the Market Like? “What’s the market like right now; the business brokerage and M&A market?” We get this question all the time, from business owners considering selling as well as from real estate brokers and others that want to become professional
Share This:  <> Getting Clients: The Conversation There are many ways of getting clients for your business brokers practice. In fact, there are quite a few outlined in our course, The Basic “How To” of Becoming a Business Broker”. But because it just happened, the story behind this post is
Share This:  <> Selling a Business: Know Where the Value Is If you’re considering bringing a business to market – as a seller or as a business broker – do you know what you’re selling? Is the value of the business in the cash flow it generates or in its
Share This:  <> A Hell of a Way to Sell a Business Since starting Worldwide Business Brokers back in 2001, we’ve seen some crazy stuff but never have we seen anyone try to sell a business the way I recount in this story. From “creative” accounting and inventory “deflation” to
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