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“Thanks for your professionalism during the negotiations and the final closing of the purchase.”

– Tony F. Bought an upscale/resort restaurant/bar in 2016.

Share This:Is This the Best Time to Sell a Business? Have you noticed a trend in my recent posts? There has been one, even if you haven’t noticed. And that trend has been my repeated statements about how frenetic the business-buying market has become in the past 18-20 months and
Share This:Sell a Business Quickly Want a fast exit? That tells me a lot, little of which is good. An attempt to sell a business quickly strongly suggests lack of preparation and if you’ve been reading these blog posts for any length of time, you know that lack of preparation
The Final Handshake
Share This:Demand for Businesses: Why Now is a Great Time to Sell “Deal fever” – unprecedented demand for businesses – is rapidly spreading through the Middle Market business segment and if you’re a business owner or business broker, the prevailing situation impacts you. Middle-market companies are looking to acquire competitors
Share This:Growing Through Acquisition Most business owners want to grow their business and there are a number of ways to do this. You can hire more sales staff or add distributors; if you’re a wholesaler or manufacturer, you can start a retail operation; you can expand into online sales; you
Share This:Sell a Business That’s Losing Money Can you sell a business that’s losing money? You bet you can! When I speak with groups of small business owners about selling, they express disbelief that a business that is losing money can be sold. Even owners of Middle Market businesses, generally
Share This:Selling a Business With a  Lease When selling a business, among the myriad issues to address so that a buyer has some level of comfort as to stability is the lease. Most businesses – including most retail and service businesses – lease their physical facilities. It really doesn’t matter what
Closing the Deal
Share This:Selling Your Business: Nine Mistakes to Avoid 02 July 2018   Selling your business is a process during which you will encounter many potential pitfalls. Here are some of the major ones that, with a little forethought, you should be able to avoid. Throughout this post you’ll find links
Family Business
Share This:Selling a Family Business: The Challenges 25 June 2018 Selling a business is a challenging process. Selling a family business is likely to be more so especially if the “family” is large, diverse and scattered. On top of that, more and more families are defined by second or even
Buy a Business
Share This:Buy a Business: What to Look For 18 June 2018 If you have entrepreneurial blood running in your veins, you probably want to be in business for yourself. The big question is, should you buy a business or start one from scratch? Launching and building a profitable and sustainable
Drafting a Contract
Share This:Selling a Business Requires a Good Business Broker 11 June 2018 A recent Investor Watch report , ‘Who’s the boss?”, by UBS Financial Services found that 41% of business owners expect to exit their business in the next five years. Many business owners are at, or approaching, traditional retirement
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