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You Can Become a Professional Business Broker!

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Do you think you’d like to be in the executive business of selling businesses, of helping business owners of all types realize their ultimate dream? If you think this exciting and highly respectable industry might be right for you, we can show you how you can become a professional business broker.

The world is entering into unprecedented territory in that the number of business owners that will be selling their business will reach record highs between now and 2035. Why? Because Baby Boomers are starting to retire.

And the Baby Boomer business sell-off – the so-called “Silver Tsunami” – is just getting started.

In your city right now there are hundreds of businesses for sale and many more business owners thinking about selling. Not one of them knows how to do it. Not one of them knows what their business is worth. Not one of them knows how to get their business ready for sale. Not one of them knows how to market their business. Not one of them knows how to negotiate with a buyer. But every one of them needs someone who knows how to do these things. They need a professional business broker or M&A specialist to make their dream happen.

“Coming from the corporate world, becoming a business broker was a great move for me. The training, knowledge and resources available to brokers in the Worldwide network are without peer. Help is always just a call or email away. Every day is different and helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals is immensely satisfying.”
Greg G. Member of the Worldwide Business Brokers network.

Though there are many differences – some of them significant – business brokering is similar to selling real estate. A business broker values, markets and sells businesses rather than houses. The paydays, though, are much better!

You can see a more in depth discussion of the course here – or you can even download the syllabus by telling us where to send it in the box just below.

Many business owners, especially those that own small businesses, don’t have any idea who to turn to when it comes time to sell.

If you’d like to know what a business broker does, we’ve written a series of blog posts that discuss many of the aspects of professional business brokering and you can read this specific post that goes into some detail. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a professional business broker, start the conversation here. In the meantime, listen to our founder discuss the executive business of selling businesses by clicking on the nearby link with his smiling mug.

Finally, if you’re ready to get started, our flagship course, The Basic “How-To” of Becoming a Business Broker, is for you. Get the details filling in the form right above and click “Send Me The Course Outline”. It’ll be sent to you immediately.

With the approaching “Silver Tsunami” we need more professional business brokers. We can help you become one.