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“Thanks for your professionalism during the negotiations and the final closing of the purchase.”

– Tony F. Bought an upscale/resort restaurant/bar in 2016.

Share This: Business Brokers and Business Real Estate We often encounter business owners that ask about the wisdom of buying the real estate their business is in or buying real estate that they can move their business to, especially when their business is expanding. The decisions made about the acquisition
Share This: Valuations: Extraordinary Expenses Over the past several weeks I’ve written several posts about valuing businesses. One was about defending your numbers. If you’re a broker doing valuations, you are guaranteed to encounter sellers with whom you’ll need to do just that. Another was about dealing with a stubborn
Share This: Valuations: Owner Benefits I did a post about 18 months ago that focused on “Discretionary Earnings” – what they are and how important they are to a business’ value. In that post I used two examples, one of which was a $12.99 subscription to Sports Illustrated magazine by
Share This: Valuations: The Ultimate Question                   The Defender! Shields Up! Wow! Last week’s post got a TON of comments… and TWO tons of questions! That post, basically for business brokers, was a discussion about defending your numbers. That is, after valuing a business for a potential client, how do
October 8, 2018

Defending Your Numbers

Share This: Business Brokers: Defending Your Numbers                               That’s All?!? We are, in many cases, the bearers of bad news. This is particularly true in the Main Street market; businesses with transaction values of less than $1 million. That is because many small business owners have worked on their business
September 29, 2018

Prioritizing Buyers

Share This: Selling a Business: Prioritizing Buyers One of the questions we get from business brokers – and from business owners that we are advising – is how do we rank potential buyers when we are engaged to sell a business. There are probably as many ways of prioritizing buyers
Business Valuation
Share This: How Do We Determine the Right Price for a Business? Last week’s post generated enough comments to warrant a separate post to address them. The questions all boiled down to “How do I get the right price for my business?” and recalls an earlier post entitled “The Price
September 17, 2018

Price a Business to Sell

Share This:Price a Business to Sell Right out of the box, a knowledgeable professional business broker will have a sense for how likely a business will sell simply by looking at the list price. Does the price relate to value? Is the business priced to sell? A business broker can
Share This:A Business Brokers License? What’s Up With That?? I don’t do this often but it’s time for a brief Caffrey’s Rant. I get questions all the time about whether or not a business broker – or aspiring business broker – has to be licensed. And, as I’ve written before,
Closing the Deal
Share This:5 Things Acquiring Companies Look For I’ve written before about strategic acquisitions – when one company buys another, usually smaller company, because the smaller company has something the acquiring company wants and the acquiring compnay one wants it now! When a company wants to expand in some way –
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