“Thanks for your professionalism during the negotiations and the final closing of the purchase.”

– Tony F. Bought an upscale/resort restaurant/bar.

Share This:> Selling a Business: The Documentation Are you selling a business? As either the seller or the broker? If so, you’ve got to make sure that your documentation act is together. Documentation preparation is one of the top five questions we get from the folks taking our course, “Learn
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Share This:> Selling a Business in 2021 Selling a business in 2021 means selling a business with the Covid-19 pandemic as a backdrop. How that backdrop impacts a business’ “sell-ability” depends on two main considerations: the industry the business is in and the size of the business. As I write
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Share This: Selling a Business: Mistakes Sellers Make Business owners trying to sell their own business are like dentists trying to reset their own broken arm. Just because you may be good at one thing doesn’t automatically make you good at another – especially when that “other thing” requires a
Share This: Selling a Business: The Buyer’s Perspective I started out last week’s post with this sentence: “Selling a business ain’t for sissies.” Well, I can assure you that buying a business requires even MORE intestinal fortitude. How do I know? ‘Cause I’ve been on that side of the deal,
Share This:<> Selling a Business: The Seller’s Perspective Selling a business ain’t for sissies. How do I know? Well, aside from my 20 years of helping business owners sell their business and teaching business brokers how to do it, the impetus for starting Worldwide Business Brokers back in 2001 was
Share This:<> Valuing Businesses: What Constitutes Value? Valuing a business: do you know what that entails? Earlier this month, I did a three-part series describing various approaches used to value businesses. The main focus of those post was correcting some general misconceptions and some bad advice that appeared in an