Mergers and Acquisitions: The Buy-Side

If you have been looking for a business to acquire,

We’ll find that business for you.

Traditionally, professional business brokers have worked almost exclusively for the seller to search for qualified and capable buyers, connect such buyers to appropriate financing sources and generally guide the parties to an eventual closing. While much of our work has historically been done for sell-side clients, we also offer mergers and acquisition services to buy-side clients. Our M&A program is for individuals or companies seeking to identify an appropriate acquisition. In such instances, our client is the buyer; we work exclusively for them to locate acquisition targets meeting their distinct characteristics and specifications.

“I would never have bought my business without the guidance of Worldwide Business Brokers. I would – and do – recommend them to anyone seriously considering an acquisition.”
Wanda F. Bought a regional title and settlement company in 2007.

Is your company considering a strategic acquisition as a method of expansion? Or, are you a buyer frustrated because you are unable to find the appropriate business, properly priced and professionally represented? If either of those statements describes you, you can find the details of our buy-side program here.

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