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“Thanks for your professionalism during the negotiations and the final closing of the purchase.”

– Tony F. Bought an upscale/resort restaurant/bar in 2016.

  • Sell a Business

    Preparing a Plan for Selling Your Business

    Preparing a Plan for Selling Your Business21 May 2018One of the key findings of a new UBS Financial Services study on health, wealth and wellness is that most business owners are totally unprepared for selling their business even though the sale of that business is likely to be the primary method of funding their retirement. ... read more

  • Selling Your Startup – 5 Steps to Success with Nikki Navta

    Selling Your Startup; 5 Steps to SuccessWe have a guest post this week, my friends. That’s right! Nikki Navta, who founded Zulama, a company that brings computer science education to teenagers through video game design and who subsequently sold her business to EMC School, describes the process she went through and what she learned from ... read more

  • Buying a Business

    Selling A Business? 12 Steps to Success

    Selling A Business? 12 Steps to SuccessSelling a business takes preparation, time and multiple talents. Most business owners do not have the latter. In fact, very few have the time, either! Selling a business is a process, one with multiple steps that must be preformed in the proper sequence. If you’ve started to think about selling ... read more

  • Selling Your Business: Why Won’t Mine Sell?

    Selling Your Business: Why Won’t It Sell? I recently read an article in a Canadian publication written by a business coach. He started out be relating that he recently gave a speech to a gathering of realtors and one of the questions he opened with was how many of the businesses they listed ever sold. The ... read more

  • EU Flag

    Selling a Business: Foreign Buyers

    Selling a Business: Foreign BuyersSeveral of my recent posts have been about this being among the best times to sell a business in many years, why this is so, who is buying, where the money is coming from and so on. This post continues the theme because new data suggests that cross-border acquisitions are increasing. ... read more

  • The Process of Selling A Business

    Selling a BusinessLike anything else in business or in life, there is a process to selling a business. If you’re think about selling yours, you would be wise to know this process and to follow it closely. Doing so will make the entire effort far more efficient and fruitful. It is also likely to get ... read more

  • Finance a Business

    Financing The Business Acquisition

    How to Finance a BusinessSpeaking of how to finance a business acquisition, I read an article the other day about a “crisis” in the penal colony down under. Under the headline “Warning SMEs won’t be able to sell their businesses unless access to finance improves”, the article states that the small business ombudsman – who ... read more

  • Sell Your Business: Be Prepared!

    Sell Your BusinessOver the past few weeks, we’ve posted about how active the market for buying and selling businesses has been over the past year or so; the types of buyers that are actively hunting, the capital that is available to buyers and some of the reasons that make this one of the best times ... read more

  • Next Generation

    Selling Your Business: What’s the Market Like?

    Selling Your Business?We’ve gotten a TON (or “tonne” pour mes amis Francais et Englais) of questions over the years about the state of the business buying market; what’s selling? who’s buying? what is the demand level? If you’ve been considering selling your business, I imagine these questions have also occurred to you. Well, this could be ... read more

  • Selling a Business: The Transition Process

    Selling a Business: Planning the TransitionThe sale of a business involves more than one transition. The first, of course, is the transition from you to the new owners. This transition involves quite a number of interested parties including your employees, your clients and customers, your vendors and suppliers, and, in many cases, your community. The ... read more

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