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“Thanks for your professionalism during the negotiations and the final closing of the purchase.”

– Tony F. Bought an upscale/resort restaurant/bar in 2016.

  • Value Drving Results

    Selling Your Business? First, Build It’s Value!

    What Drives Business Value? Well, net income, of course, as well as growth prospects. But there are many other drivers of business value and business owners that don’t pay attention to these “value drivers” will suffer when it comes time to sell their business; and that time will come, sooner or later. If you’re considering selling ... read more

  • Buy Sell Agreements

    Divorce: What Happens to the Family Business?

    Divorce: Who Buys, Who Sells? Last week’s post was about the importance of having a buy-sell agreement in place so that the business can transition smoothly in the event of the death or disability of one of the owners. At the beginning of that post, I mentioned that we are currently dealing with a situation that ... read more

  • Owen Van Syckle

    Selling a Business: Partner Buyout

    Selling a Business: Partner Buyout We’ve consulted with many businesses – mature ones and startups – over the years on everything from developing business and marketing plans to expansion strategies and raising capital. One of the most crucial considerations when establishing a business with multiple owners is to develop a buy-sell agreement, essentially providing a method ... read more

  • Calculate Business Value

    Selling a Business: What Multiples Matter?

    Selling a Business: Using Multiples to Find Value Business owners that are semi-literate about selling a business often come to us with some pretty wild ideas about what their business is worth. Some expect the value of their business to be a “multiple” of something; monthly sales, net income, annual revenue, inventory and sundry other benchmarks ... read more

  • Buying a Business: Three Reasons to Keep it Confidential!

    Buying a Business: Should You Keep Your Purchase Confidential? If you are considering buying a business – and especially if you’re about to close on the deal – your natural inclination is likely to be to announce the purchase to the world. You want your friends to know, you want your former co-workers to know; you ... read more

  • Business Broker

    Buy a Business: Why Use a Broker

    Want to Buy A Business? Use a Business Broker If you want to buy a business, you might consider using a business broker. Why? Well, there are many reasons but let’s clarify a few things before we get started. First, if you are looking for a small, Main Street-type business, depending on your level of experience and ... read more

  • Finance a Business

    Business Brokers: Finding the Financing

    Show Me The Money! If you’re a business broker – or the buyer or seller of a business – you know that the only way a deal gets done is if the money is found to make it happen. While this topic is broad enough to fill a book (and if you think an eBook might ... read more

  • Tire Kicker

    Business Brokers: Dealing With Tire Kickers

    Are Your “Buyers” Really Buyers? If you’re a business broker – or if you want to become a business broker – you know that there are few ways to waste more time than with “buyers” that will never buy. Over the course of a year, professional business brokers will likely spend an enormous amount of time ... read more

  • Business Brokers: Problems with Financials

    Funky Financials Well, I’m a day late on this post and I apologize. Things have been a bit hectic out here in Paradise but I’m catching up, little by little. I should be back on schedule next Monday, but let’s get on with the Case of the Funky Financials; what are business brokers to do? If you’re ... read more

  • Sell a Business

    Business Broker: Working with Real Estate Agents

    The Business Broker and Real Estate Agents Professional business brokers are still a relatively unknown bred. Many business owners, especially the owners of Main Street businesses, have no idea that professional business brokers exist or what they do. This means that if you’re a business broker – or want to become one – you will at ... read more

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